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* A 50% Deposit is required for each booking (deducted from the final invoice). Fuel mileage / travel expenses will be claimed for travelling to weddings locations outside of Fife (fuel at 45p per mile).

Package prices include P&P for DVDs / Blu-rays / USBs. Terms and conditions apply.

Prices correct as of April 2020.

Extra Services

Enhance your Wedding Film with our range of special extras

Aerial Drone Filming - £100

Dependent on location and weather conditions (for up to 1 hour of flight)

Enhance your wedding video with dynamic aerial footage recorded by drone video camera.

We record up to one hour of flight with footage delivered in quality up to 4K.

Please note that we do not offer this service indoors, in densely populated areas or in poor weather conditions in order to ensure safety and comply with legislation. If we are unable to fly due to weather, the cost of this service will be removed from the final invoice.

4K Wedding Filming - £100

Included with the White Rose package

Upgrade your video quality from High-Definition 1080p to full 4K quality on your Digital Video. Please note that all DVDs and Blu Rays are delivered in SD and HD 1080p respectively.

Wedding DVD / Blu-ray Package* - £100/£125

Included with Diamond and White Rose packages

Keep your wedding film on display with our special DVD and Blu Ray packages. Our DVD and Blur Rays are customised to each individual wedding, complete with unique casing, menus and all wedding film and any extra content. Please note that due to their specifications,
DVDs are delivered in SD with Blu Ray discs delivered in 1080p HD.

Video Guestbook
Video Guestbook
Wedding Engagement Film

Photo credit: White Thistle Wedding Photography

Video Guestbook - £100

Included with Gold, Diamond and White Rose packages

We’ll set up a filming station during your evening reception to record a collection of special video messages from your wedding guests to watch at home.

Wedding Highlights Video - £150

Included with Diamond and White Rose packages

A short wedding highlights video suitable for social media, up to 5 minutes in length. Please note that these must be edited to 2 minutes 20 seconds for Twitter.

Wedding Engagement Film - £250

Included with the White Rose package

Mark your engagement with a special short engagement film at a location of your choice.

Wedding Invitation Film - £250

Included with the White Rose package

Your own special wedding invitation film to send to your wedding invitees. This can be tailored into separate versions for both day and evening reception guests.

DVD & Blu-Ray
DVDs and Blu-Rays
USB Gift Boxes

Additional Videographer - £175

Additional DVD Package* - £12

Additional Blu-ray Package* - £16

Additional USB Gift Box* - £25

* P&P is charged for costs of additional physical media, including DVDs / Blu-Rays / USBs, etc.